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The Investment Route is a project aimed at increasing the productivity of companies, creating skilled jobs and boosting the local economy.

The goals of the Route are:

  • Identifying private investment needs of spin-off companies;
  • Showing spin-offs how to attract private funding;
  • Creating a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors;

The Investment Route is composed of three phases:

Phase 1: Funding Sources and Communication of the Business Model to Investors

The goal of this session is to facilitate entrepreneurs' access to private funding sources, learn how to seek private funding, present the resources available, and provide guidance on how to communicate your business idea successfully to investors.

Phase 2: Training in Private Fundraising

The goal of this course on private fundraising is to inform, promote and facilitate the use of tools that improve entrepreneurs' fundraising skills.

Phase III: Forum on Private Investment

This forum is aimed at creating a meeting point for investors and companies with high growth potential, providing the formers with the tools necessary to safely invest in knowledge-based companies.

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