One of the main goals of the current knowledge transfer model is the creation of companies that exploit the knowledge generated at universities.  Currently, this is one of the best existing knowledge transfer models, since it not only helps exploit research results, but it also enriches the local industry and helps UGR graduates enter into the labor market.

The objective of the "Tthe Route of Entrepreneurship" is to foster entrepreneurial culture among the university community, and promote and facilitate the development of business projects.

"The Route of Entrepreneurship" is composed of three phases that require increasing involvement of participants. "The Route of Entrepreneurship" offers some guidance on the different aspects of entrepreneurial culture and provides the participants with the tools necessary to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Below you can find a general description of the three phases:


1. A tour around the business incubator and accelerator BIC located at the Healthcare Technology Park of Granada (one morning). Firstly, participants are shown on-site the mechanisms and organisms involved in the creation of a company, then an entrepreneur give a short talk on his/her experience. Next, a visit is organized to different companies of your area of interest for you to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

2. Workshops for entrepreneurs (two days). Specific workshops focused on motivation and skill development are organized for those who showed interest during the first phase.

3. Training courses (five days). Those needing a more comprehensive training are offered an advanced course on business creation, business operation plan design, practical cases, simulations, etc.