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The OTRI of the University of Granada is focused on knowledge transfer in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Biotechnology, Health Sciences and Technology, Agri-food, Production Technologies, Natural Resources and Environment, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Humanities and Social, Economic and Legal Sciences.


In the last three years (2012-2014) the OTRI has managed a range of contracts and partnership agreements for the development of R&D projects worth over 9.5M Euros under the Article 83 of the Spanish University Act (LOU). In the last period (2014), agreements have been subscribed for an amount of 2.2M Euros, reaching a turnover of 3.7M Euros, and 3.9M Euros revenue.

In this period, 272 collaborative R&D&i project applications were submitted, of which 72 projects worth 8.7M Euros were approved. Of the 8.7M Euros received, 4M Euros corresponded to outsourcing contracts with the UGR and 4.7M Euros corresponded to public grants. In 2014, 13 out of 70 projects where approved worth 688.000 Euros, of which 407.000 Euros corresponded to outsourcing contracts and 281.000 Euros to public grants.

A total of 85 new patent applications were included in the UGR technology portfolio. In 2014, a number of 33 patent applications, 3 traded marks, 5 software programs were distributed under freeware licenses and 1 software program registered in the Industrial Property Registry

The OTRI has also supported the creation of 29 spin-off companies (cumulative figure: 82), which resulted in the creation of 445 jobs. In 2014 7 spin-off companies were created.

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