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The current situation forces everybody to continuously reinvent themselves in the market. But the resources available are limited. Thus, collaborating with our researchers is a good opportunity to develop your innovative ideas.

The OTRI offers a range of specific services related to the different areas of knowledge transfer. The integral approach used and feedback provided during all phases of knowledge transfer help you obtain optimal results.

Advantages of collaborating with UGR researchers:

  • It is an opportunity to improve your image. Gain visibility, improve your reputation and enhance  your market positioning through R&D&i;
  • It provides you access to a R&D department composed of over 4,000 researchers;
  • It is an opportunity to work with multidisciplinary and international research groups;
  • It is an opportunity to engage in collaborative research projects developed by the University of Granada;
  • It provides you access to our networking services through which you can meet potential customers;
  • It provides you access to new technology services and solutions;
  • It provides you access to new funding sources. 
  • It provides you access to updated information regarding research calls, technology transfer events and other news in your sector.
  • There are tax deductions for R&D&i activities.
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